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Horstman Manufacturing was founded in 1963 by karting legend Gil Horstman. Gil first became involved in the sport during its formative days in the fifties. Karting originated in Southern California where Gil and fellow enthusiasts took their prototype vehicles to local venues like the Rose Bowl in Pasadena or the Eastland Mall in West Covina to test and show them. Kart clubs and race rules were soon in place and karting grew quickly around the globe. Although Gil was an accomplished racer he preferred to help fellow karters win with his modified 2 cycle engines. Gil sold his tool & die company in 1963 in order to devote all of his effort into supplying the demand for his engines and karting accessories. Gil brought many innovations to the sport as well as leadership, dedication, and caring. Horstman is the leader in the industry for winning products. Horstman technical staff are current or former kart racers with over 140 years of combined experience.

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Oil, 1 Quart Nytro Clutch Coolant

Introducing The new Horstman "Diablo" 100cc reed valve engine kit.
Engine kit comes complete with new Horstman Disc clutch, clutch guard, Euro-style expansion chamber with curved header, carburetor and air box


Hardware Kit
Fits most European Kart Chassis

Kit includes Cone seat washers, Aluminum pan washers, assorted 6mm and 8mm alloy screws and a plastic carrying case.


All Horstman Clutches are made in America, unlike some of our competitors!

Introducing the all new Mad Rhino 4 Cycle Racing Clutch. Ideal for LO206 and clone racing or recreational and industrial applications. Fits a 3/4" shaft. Weighs approximately 2 lbs. and 3 5/8" diameter. Comes with our bolt on Sprocket for quick change and rigidity (Interchangeable with our Reaper and X5 clutch models). Flange drum for extra strength. 3 shoe design for improved balance. Bi-directional for inboard or outboard application. Vent holes in the drum to remove heat. 12-15 tooth #35 sprockets available and also 16, 17, 20, 21 and 23 tooth #219

At this price why buy a knock off when you can get the real thing!!

New for 2013
.100" Spring set w/ Retainers for HDC-5 Clutches
Designed specifically for High Rev KT 100 applications 

New friction disc fits all HDC-5 series clutches from 2005-2014. 
Made with Horstman's proprietary "L" shaped tab increasing surface area to reduce notching effect in the drum! Save's $$$
Best biting friction material in karting
Will work in HDC-5 (1,2 and 3 Disc) clutches and most Knock off clutches!!!
Part Number 336023L
Special!! $28.00 (Website Price only)




Horstman Manufacturing Co.,Inc.
2371 La Mirada Dr. Vista, CA 92081
760/598-2100 (Office) 760/598-0222(Fax)